Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Cutz 30 Servings

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What is Mr. Hyde ™ Cutz?

From the makers of the most powerful pre-workout in the world, Mr. Hyde, we bring you Mr. Hyde Cutz™. Formulated by combining the finest thermogenic and performance ingredients that you have come to expect from Mr. Hyde™, we created Mr. Hyde Cutz™ with a complimentary cutting matrix. Fueled by CLA, Teacrine®, and Capsimax® (Capsicum Extract) for an enhanced thermogenic output, Mr. Hyde Cutz™ closely resembles Mr. Hyde™ "Intense Energy" Pre-Workout with a slight twist being that it's CREATINE FREE. For those looking for a Pre-Workout option with all the strong, intense stimulant benefits of Mr. Hyde™ without creatine and the added thermogenic compounds to help "CUT", then Mr. Hyde Cutz™ is for you.

  • 100% Creatine FREE Formula
  • Features proven thermogenic ingredients including CLA, L-Carnitine, and Capsicum
  • Infused with Teacrine® for extended energy throughout your workout
  • Contains 3 stage "Intense Energy" caffeine blend
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