Fitjoy Nutrition Fitjoy Protein Bars 12/box

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freedom TO ENJOY

You shouldn’t have to choose between healthy and happy.
Put the joy back into living a healthy lifestyle with FitJoy!


At FitJoy, we believe that you have the freedom to enjoy your life by squeezing the most out of every moment. We love staying busy, we set ambitious goals, we give 100% to our family, our friends, our careers, our health and our passions. We also believe that everyone’s journey is unique, original and personal. It’s your agenda. It’s your to-do list. It’s your bucket list. It’s your story to write. We understand that a hectic and full life sometimes means compromise. FitJoy was imagined to enable healthy choices as you power through your day and satisfy your appetite for life. You don’t have to settle. And you don’t have to sacrifice your health to enjoy that freedom.

‘Freedom to Enjoy’ isn’t just a motto, it’s a promise. We believe you deserve to have it all — a healthy, on-the-go snack that fuels your lifestyle and indulges your appetite.


From ingredient sourcing and manufacturing practices, to non-GMO and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, when it comes to quality, there are no compromises.


Being healthy is all about balance. FitJoy bars provide a balanced nutritional profile with an emphasis on protein and low sugar content.


We’re there when you need us. Whether you’re going for a hike or having your morning coffee, we want to support your happy, healthy lifestyle


Eating should be enjoyable! We are obsessed with creating memorable flavors that indulge the senses and inspire your inner foodie.

Joy in every bite

FitJoy began as a passion project by the company’s CEO, who, after being diagnosed with Celiac and a severe sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, wanted to develop a brand of on-the-go snacks that offered a gourmet taste experience that would excite his inner foodie without interfering with his health. Like most meaningful endeavors, the journey wasn’t easy or straightforward.

Two and half years, thousands of man-hours, 100+ taste tests, two contract manufacturers, small wins and major setbacks…all for one, single idea. We’re proud to offer FitJoy as a line of healthy and gourmet snacks that answer your call for less sacrifice and more freedom.

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